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The beginning of something, hopefully…

Caleb, circa 2002

Welcome to my new blog!  I have had the occasional thought of having a blog for quite some time now, and now I have finally decided to take the plunge.

First a little history of my online activity– I published my first personal website at the age of 14 and it has been active in some form for the past eight years.  I originally established it to document my fishing trips and display the flies that I tied.  Life went on, and as events happened in life, there were times that my website was out-of-date and neglected because of the lack of time and inspiration.  Recently I tried to resurrect my old website using MS Frontpage and I was not pleased with the archaic 20th-century look I was achieving.  I determined to explore my options for setting up a blog, and after thinking about it, I realized a blog would better suit my needs; as life proceeds, content can easily be updated.  WordPress seemed to be a very contemporary blogging platform, and after a short learning curve it also seems very user-friendly.   So here I am.

Topics I hope to cover in this blog include: fly fishing, fly tying, photography, hiking, running, backpacking, maps, future interests, my Faith, and life-in-general.  I realize that since my blog subject matter will potentially be so diverse,  it may limit the number of readers I have, but no big deal.

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