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Climate Change?

It seems now as though every severe weather event is pounced upon as an opportunity to tout the effects of climate change supposedly caused by humans.  Speaking of climate change, human’s concerns over such relatively small changes in the long term global climate indicate just how specific human’s environmental needs are.  And how earth is comparatively suited so perfectly for humans.  And therefore that maybe we were intelligently designed and placed on the earth by a Creator God?  (Of course this does not give excuse for abusing the planet; contrarily we should be stewardly to the creation that God has placed us in.)

To end with a bit of satire:  Climate change is simply one of mother earth’s natural habits.


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The beginning of something, hopefully…

Caleb, circa 2002

Welcome to my new blog!  I have had the occasional thought of having a blog for quite some time now, and now I have finally decided to take the plunge.

First a little history of my online activity– I published my first personal website at the age of 14 and it has been active in some form for the past eight years.  I originally established it to document my fishing trips and display the flies that I tied.  Life went on, and as events happened in life, there were times that my website was out-of-date and neglected because of the lack of time and inspiration.  Recently I tried to resurrect my old website using MS Frontpage and I was not pleased with the archaic 20th-century look I was achieving.  I determined to explore my options for setting up a blog, and after thinking about it, I realized a blog would better suit my needs; as life proceeds, content can easily be updated.  WordPress seemed to be a very contemporary blogging platform, and after a short learning curve it also seems very user-friendly.   So here I am.

Topics I hope to cover in this blog include: fly fishing, fly tying, photography, hiking, running, backpacking, maps, future interests, my Faith, and life-in-general.  I realize that since my blog subject matter will potentially be so diverse,  it may limit the number of readers I have, but no big deal.

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