The eldest of 5 children, Caleb lives in North Carolina with his family.  A logical, right-brained thinker.

8 responses to “About

  1. Richard Formato

    Matt sent the link to your blog… You are as good a writer as angler (and you are a FINE angler!)

    • Wills Thompson

      Is there any way that I could join your team stonefly team? I have been tying flies for a while now and fishing is my favorite thing to do, especially fly fishing. I am 13 and was just wondering. How could I get in? Email me at willsthompson11@gmail.com

  2. Thanks Richard– and good to hear from you and Matt! I hope things are going well in the Formato world!

  3. Perry Conrad

    Caleb, I came across your site while searching for images to use for church PowerPoint presentations. Please let me know if I may use your images, along with the cost. Thank you and God’s blessings!

    • Hi Perry,
      It would be fine for you to use my images for your church power point at no cost. Just as long as its not for profit or selling!
      Thanks for asking-


  4. Perry Conrad

    Hi Caleb,

    You’re welcome, and thank you for your generosity! Your photos will not be used for profit or selling.

    I am interested in knowing more about your faith whenever you have time to share.


    • Hi Perry,
      Sure, I guess my faith is pretty simple. Six years ago I put my faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord of my life. He changed my life completely through his miracle of love and grace and I enjoy walking and talking with him each day! Hope you have the same peace!

      If you want, I can email you and we can chat further.


  5. Perry Conrad

    Hi Caleb,

    That is an awesome testimony! I, too, having a saving faith in Jesus Christ and share the blessings of love, grace, and peace you have in him.

    It is always a pleasure to talk with another Christian about our faith; I welcome further discussion with you. Please e-mail me at your convenience.


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