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Night in pisgah

A short window of time opened up in our work schedule last week that Joshua and I decided to take advantage of and slip off for a couple nights of camping and fishing.  We went on a short and easy backpack trip with Joshua’s 7 month old puppy Ginger.  She was a bit anxious during this new endeavor, but bravely followed her leaders.  Spring was just unfolding in the high elevations along the Art Leob Trail and the MST.  We passed numerous trilliums in bloom, and the forest was alive with songbirds.  Along with the many towhees and juncos, I noticed some unique yellow colored birds: Golden Crowned Kinglets, and a new sighting for myself, a Chestnut-sided Warbler.  Another yellowish bird provided insufficient time for identification.    The next day some beautiful wild trout were sourced and brought home to provide some high quality omega 3’s.    The fingerprints of the Creator were impossible to miss.  How wonderful to witness the beauty of His creation!


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