Climate Change?

It seems now as though every severe weather event is pounced upon as an opportunity to tout the effects of climate change supposedly caused by humans.  Speaking of climate change, human’s concerns over such relatively small changes in the long term global climate indicate just how specific human’s environmental needs are.  And how earth is comparatively suited so perfectly for humans.  And therefore that maybe we were intelligently designed and placed on the earth by a Creator God?  (Of course this does not give excuse for abusing the planet; contrarily we should be stewardly to the creation that God has placed us in.)

To end with a bit of satire:  Climate change is simply one of mother earth’s natural habits.


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5 responses to “Climate Change?

  1. Tom

    I agree with you 100%.

  2. Matt

    Caleb, part of being a good steward is understanding the impact we humans are having on the climate. It seems this post is more of a reaction to the sensationalist media than the science behind anthropogenic climate change. If that is the case, I agree. However, if you’re calling into question the impact humans have on the climate, I could recommend a few resources for you, maybe starting with this:

  3. Matt,
    Thanks for the comment. You’re right; my post was a bit reactionary. I was reacting to the way that the media and scientists are now allowed to spin nearly every severe weather event including colder winters and winter storms as proof for human-caused climate change (warming). I’ve been sick all week, so I hope I didn’t come across as too sarcastic. And I definitely wasn’t directing my post towards you in any way.

    I do believe that human-caused climate change is possible and has perhaps happened. However, I can’t be sure that scientists do not let their personal agendas and/or world views affect data presentation. Data can be intentionally misrepresented. It can also be unintentionally misrepresented because there are an infinite number of variables. And if we were able to control all of these then we would be the Creator rather than the creation.

    Ultimately, my personal worldview gives me a different perspective on the urgency and importance of stemming the seeming climate change. I believe the Bible; It teaches that at the end of time their will be a great climate change when the earth is utterly destroyed in judgment.

    From my heart,

  4. Matt

    Caleb, thanks for your response. I didn’t feel as though this post was directed towards me in any way. I felt compelled to reply to your post because it seemed to call into question the strong scientific evidence supporting anthropogenic climate change.

    I agree, data can certainly be manipulated/misinterpreted. But in my opinion and in the interest of other creatures (including humans), such evidence should be given the benefit of the doubt. I don’t know about other world views or agendas, but here are some of mine: this is an opportunity to move away from the consumption of fossil fuels, simplify our lives, support local economies, provide healthier air, water and food for people and maybe even save some lives (of one species or another).

    Lily and I have several friends and family members who have different perspectives on the urgency and importance of stemming climate change, and that is fine. I do not take personal offense, but often wonder what’s wrong with erring on the side of caution especially when doing so can provide other benefits.

  5. Hey Matt,
    Good thoughts. I am definitely all for reducing our impact on the planet regardless of climate change– it’s part of stewardship! We have gotten to the point where the drive for profit has taken away nearly all of our consciousness of being good stewards on the earth.