Chasing the elusive snow

Last week Joshua and I took a quick overnight trip hoping to catch the forcasted snowstorm right in the act.  We left Newberry Creek around 5pm on Thursday evening and made it to the parkway in a couple of hours where we set up camp.  We started the hike in the rain, which eventually turned to snow as we neared 4000 feet of elevation.  Unfortunately, only a fraction of the predicted precipitation manifested itself.  It was enough however to make for some adventurous travel conditions and beautiful scenery.  Friday morning we walked into the state park and to the summit of Mt. Mitchell, before returning via the same route.  I was thankful the my ailing Achilles tendon seemed to hold up very well to the 20-something miles that we walked on Friday.  I also got to test out some new backpacking recipes that I plan to share here soon.

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  1. Matt

    Nicely done! Those are some great pics. I love that area. Looking forward to reading up on the recipes.