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The next step

So many times I have been asked “What are you going to do after college?” “What do you want to do?”  “What are you plans?”  I admit that my answers to these questions have appeared evasive.  But I understand these questions and sympathize with them much more than it appears.  In the past few years I have tried to initiate several different career paths, but each time I have felt resistance from the Holy Spirit to the steps I started to take.  The “problem” is that the life I am living is actually not my own.

Since becoming a Christian, God has begun a relentless effort (as a potter) to transform me into something worthwhile (for his service); a process of reverting the damage done as a consequence of the fall of man (which of course will not be totally complete until this body of flesh is replaced and we see him face to face).

My plan for life is to follow when and wherever God leads me.  This is so clichéd, but, I have to.  There is no other option if I want to keep in a close relationship with God.  This answer naturally leads to the second question “So what does God want me to do?”  Right now, I don’t know; but I will explain why I believe God is testing me in this way.

I believe for me personally, God has not given me a very long-term and detailed plan as to what he wants for me to accomplish (at least yet) so that I will learn to rely on him more for my strength and direction.  You see, I am a natural strategic planner— I understand the importance of crafting a goal, set of objectives, and then a strategic plan/road map to go about accomplishing that goal in the most efficient manner.  I enjoy performing calculated strategies, but also remaining flexible and navigating under my own strength.  This is probably the reason that I find multi-day wilderness travel with only 6 pounds of gear intriguing.  Ultralight fastpacking and competitive fly fishing are two of the most strategy-intensive single-person sports that I know of (I thank God daily that he has somewhat painfully caused me to put these fruitless activities in their proper perspective in relationship to Him).  I believe God has given me these abilities, but I also know that he will not use them until I can learn to rely on Him as my real and utmost source of strength and guidance.

In light of these circumstances, when Christ’s return has never been sooner, and when the global economy has never been more uncertain, I am certain that waiting on the Lord and the steps that he will reveal is the best strategic and career plan possible for my life.  Of course God does not test each one of his children in the same way, so I would hope that most young people my age would have been given a direction, if not vision for the long-term by now.  But for me, God is only shining a light on one step at a time, and I thank him for that.

The one step that God has revealed for me to take once I complete business school is to enroll in a Bible college.  This is still a scary step for me, but yet I am excited to learn the Bible on a deeper level and in a more systematic way that I might ultimately draw closer to Him and become a better communicator of Christ and the Gospel.

On a somewhat unrelated note, I recently listened to the best sermon I have ever heard on the Caleb of the Bible.  What an inspiration!  


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